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About Us

Founded in Dec 2004, Career Catalysts is a young and dynamic company led by strong entrepreneurs coming with rich corporate experience, having a vision and a unique ability to build a business AND a strong team of Senior Consultants whose ability can only be matched by the best in the industry.

We present ourselves as an end-to-end recruitment partner, ensuring access to the best talent pool with stringent recruitment practices & assessments of candidates. We are more than just profiles/CVs providers and work with our real estate clients for their business success.

Career Catalyst is a professional firm Consulting and Corporate Intelligence Mapping with 15+ years of experience and expertise in this field. We as a professional firm focused on creating and providing the best services as far as we can. At Career Catalyst Company we focus on customer satisfaction and customer orientation.

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Our Vision

We have business owners and dedicated employees who have a vision to :

We strive to create opportunity, business growth and create an impact in the market.

We believe in making our company a more customer-centric company where customers are supreme people.

We pledged to make our company more powerful and more presentable in the market in upcoming years.

Our Mission

Our mission is to :

We as business entrepreneurs aim to make our company more prosperous and successful.

We aim in making our customers and end-user more satisfied with our work and continuous efforts in making their work more effective and presentable in the market.

We aim in using our specific exclusivity in the industry and making it more profitable for upcoming years.

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